Amorphous transparent nylon thermoplastic resin material

Items    UnitTest MethodValuesCharpy notched impactKJ/m2GB/T  1043-9315 Charpy non-notched impactKJ/m2GB/T 1043-93 25JNBTensile strengthMPa  GB/T 1040-92 60Elongation at break% GB/T 1040-92 160Flexural strengthMPa GB 9341-2000 70Flexural modulusMPa GB 9341-2000 1700Densityg/cm³GB

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Items    UnitTest MethodValues
Charpy notched impactKJ/m2GB/T  1043-9315 
Charpy non-notched impactKJ/m2GB/T 1043-93 25JNB
Tensile strengthMPa  GB/T 1040-92 60
Elongation at break% GB/T 1040-92 160
Flexural strengthMPa GB 9341-2000 70
Flexural modulusMPa GB 9341-2000 1700
Densityg/cGB  1033-861.03 
Heat distortion temperature(0.45 MPa) ºC  GB1634-79 135
Light transmittance%  --92
Shore D hardness-- GB2411-80 82
 have superior transmission
easy coloring
 good toughness, high strength
 good chemical resistance
 good mold-ability and dimensional stability
CXT90 applications:
Mainly suitable for injection molding of optical and high-function products
 frames and other optical products
 automotive oil/water separators
 electronics industry
Amorphous Transparency Nylon Thermoplastic Resin Material
Amorphous Transparency Nylon Thermoplastic Resin Material


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